Black Elk Inaugural Exhibit, January 2017

Black Elk, Lakota Warrior, Mighty Visionary” is the inaugural exhibition at the new Canyon Crossroads Museum at Celebration Park. I am exhibiting my tarpage “Great Circle of Life” depicting the vision Black Elk had when he was a 9 year-old.

Mike is also featured in this exhibition. Here he is with his painting, “Black Elk and the Morning Star.”

For a full picture of my tarpage, “Great Circle of Life” and my statement regarding its content, click here.

“Great Circle of Life” – Black Elk Tarpage

“Great Circle of Life” — Tarpage, 60″ X 60″

This tarpage, “Great Circle of Life,” was inspired by the fevered vision Black Elk had as a 9 year old boy. He saw spirit horses galloping from the four sacred directions — from the west snorting lighting, from the north swirling in snow, from the east glowing like morning at dawn with starry eyes, and from the south with manes flowing like prairie grasses. As the horses vanished a firey rainbow arced above him and he saw six ancient grandfathers who gave him gifts of power — a wooden cup of water with the power to give life, a bow and arrow with the power to destroy, a red stick which sprouted four green leaves representing the tree of life — which would flower if all people shared the vision. Black Elk was just a little boy when he had this vision and it took a long time for him to have the courage to share it with his people. When he finally was able to share it, a ceremonial tipi was set up and images from his vision were painted on it.

Imagine this tarpage is like the material that tipi was made from, and the images on it are like those which were painted on that tipi. And the eyes? Black Elk’s. Mine. Yours. May we all share the vision.

2nd Series of Social Justice Tarpage

The series of Social Justice tarps created for the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF) Plate Partners began a second season in November 2016 with the tarpage for C.A.T.C.H. (Charitable Assistance for The Community’s Homeless), above.

Family Medical Center – Refugee Clinic, December 2016

BUUF Partner Church in Meszko, Romania, January 2017

Learning Lab – Literacy Skills for Refugees, February 2017

Tarpestries at World Village Festival 2016

For three days in June several of my tarpestries were on display at Global Lounge’s World Village Festival in Capitol Park in Boise.

Elephants in the Room Tarpestry at World Village Festival 2016

The Elepants in the Room was very popular with lots of people using it as a backdrop for their selfies.

TARPESTRY admirers at World Village Festival 2016

TARPESTRY admirer at World Village Festival 2016

The fish tarpestries were attached to the barricades around the “beer garden.”

Fish tarpestries at World Village Festival 2016

Fish tarpestries at World Village Festival 2016

And “Sss(mmm)sss…” Stood watch over the beer ticket sellers.

Sss(mmm)sss... At World Village Festival 2016

Elephants in the Room Tarpestry

This Tarpestry is the first to add the fabulous material which lights up. It’s a mystery to me how that miraculous fabric works. I don’t question it though. I just plug it in and thank my electrician for hooking me up!

Elephants in the Room Tarpestry lit up

Detail of Elephants in the Room

Bob Kustra and Melissa "Sasi" Chambers at hanging of "Tarpestries exhibition at BSU

Video of elephants in the room

Social Justice Tarpestries

Farmer’s Market Mobile Market

For twelve months running November 2015 through October 2016 I am creating new Social Justice Tarpestries for nonprofit organizations in Boise, Idaho. Each organization receives the monthly Plate Partner donation raised for their organization by the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the Tarpestry.

ACLU of Idaho Social Justice Tarpestry
ACLU of Idaho, Against the Death Penalty

UU Partner Church Social Justice Tarpestry
Meszko Partner Church Scholarship Fund

Feed the Gap Social Justice Tarpestry
Feed the Gap

Interfaith Sanctuary Social Justice Tarpestry
Interfaith Sanctuary

Women & Children's Alliance Social Justice Tarpestry
Women’s & Children’s Alliance

Planned Parenthood Social Justice Tarpestry
Planned Parenthood of Idaho

Habitat for Humanity Social Justice Tarpestry
Habitat for Humanity of Idaho

Boise Autism Moms social justice Tarpestry
Boise Autism Moms

Head Start of Idaho social justice tarpestrybysasi
Head Start of Idaho

Suicide Prevention Action Network social justice tarpestrybysasi
Suicide Prevention Action Network

BUUF Pay it Forward Fund social justice tarpestrybysasi
BUUF Pay it Forward Fund