Social Justice Tarpestries

Farmer’s Market Mobile Market

For twelve months running November 2015 through October 2016 I am creating new Social Justice Tarpestries for nonprofit organizations in Boise, Idaho. Each organization receives the monthly Plate Partner donation raised for their organization by the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the Tarpestry.

ACLU of Idaho Social Justice Tarpestry
ACLU of Idaho, Against the Death Penalty

UU Partner Church Social Justice Tarpestry
Meszko Partner Church Scholarship Fund

Feed the Gap Social Justice Tarpestry
Feed the Gap

Interfaith Sanctuary Social Justice Tarpestry
Interfaith Sanctuary

Women & Children's Alliance Social Justice Tarpestry
Women’s & Children’s Alliance

Planned Parenthood Social Justice Tarpestry
Planned Parenthood of Idaho

Habitat for Humanity Social Justice Tarpestry
Habitat for Humanity of Idaho

Boise Autism Moms social justice Tarpestry
Boise Autism Moms

Head Start of Idaho social justice tarpestrybysasi
Head Start of Idaho

Suicide Prevention Action Network social justice tarpestrybysasi
Suicide Prevention Action Network

BUUF Pay it Forward Fund social justice tarpestrybysasi
BUUF Pay it Forward Fund