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June 2013

©2013 Melissa "Sasi" Chambers "Good Luck Sweet Cookie" - traffic control box in Boise, Idaho

“Good Luck Sweet Cookie” Traffic Box

By Public Art

My first experience with the process of creating a work of public art was with this traffic box in downtown Boise, Idaho. I knew its location was to be adjacent to the Yen Ching restaurant and so I designed it to look like a Chinese cabinet open and revealing a fortune to passersby on the sidwalk.

I painted a watercolor painting, to scale, flattened with the sides in the order they would wrap around the traffic box.
The fortune the people on the sidewalk see is “Success is a journey not a destination”. This is the view of the traffic box from the sidewalk:
The fortune facing the drivers on the street is “Take the high road.” This is the side as seen from the street:


The traffic boxes were revealed on a rainy evening in October, 2011, and there I am standing proudly next to mine: “Good Luck Sweet Cookie”! image