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December 2014

Who Am I Kidding?

By Personal Her-story

I guess you all know me well enough by now to not be the least bit surprised by the fact that having gotten my life in such supremely good order… cleared my calendar, waved buh-bye to commitments which were leaning more toward the possibility of “killing me outright” than “making me stronger,” shifted a crapton of things from the Bucket List to the Fuck-it List, hell, even finished making, buying, wrapping and mailing the Christmas packages so they will actually arrive before Christmas this year…I would just stop posting anything at all on my blog.


Well. I’m sorry. God knows it pisses me off when other bloggers do it. So if you’re pissed I don’t blame you. I’m pissed at me too.

I just find it so odd that an empty schedule creates the exact opposite effect than what you would expect. Wouldn’t you think if you had a completely free day to make art (or update your blog) in your newly organized studio with a big cup of hot Market Spice tea wafting inspirational steam up your nose that you would just go crazy creating? Well, think again.


That saying about “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it” is right. If you want something done, don’t ask the person with the free time to do it. It’ll get put off until tomorrow. Which means never. It’ll get put off until never, and then you will end up doing it yourself anyway when you are already busy and the person you asked to do it will resent you because you went ahead and did it. Trust me, I know this. I have served on Committees.


So I guess I just need to accept the fact that if I’m going to do a blog I need to have too much on my plate. Be really stressed. Probably being spiteful about it wouldn’t hurt either. Well it’s almost Christmas, and a whole New Year is right around the corner — one which I have lots of plans for, so there is definite hope that soon I will be majorly swamped.

May it be so. And Merry Christmas.