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Ordinary DaysTreefort Tarps


By March 4, 2014April 22nd, 2014No Comments

Action Girl is in her element this week! Yesterday I managed to finish the third tarp (in two hours less than it took me to finish the second tarp) AND arrange the artwork to be hung in the TVAA exhibition Metamorphosis which opens March 7th.

I had help of course. While I was madly working at home on the third tarp which I have titled “Orange You Glad,” Jordan Newberry was at BSPR ably receiving all the artwork for the show. And when I went to BSPR to deliver my piece, mom met me there and helped me work out the arrangement.

Then I went home and got back to work on tarp #3. Is it just me or does this one look like it wants to reach out and take a big ol’ bite? The Tarp Picada that ate the artist.



Orange you glad I only have four more to go? Well I am!