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I’m going to try something new. No, I didn’t see it one time in a cartoon, but I am looking for a little mental animation to help me unclog my blog. Or, to at least unclog my mind when it comes to my blog.


One of my favorite ways to pretend I’m working is to explore other artists blogs, and to compare and contrast everything — the look, the frequency of postings, the content, the goofiness, the works.

Not surprisingly, I like all kinds of domestic-artistically oriented content, and I like smart, irreverent writing, but the blogs that keep me coming back tend to be the ones with the most frequent, often daily, postings.

A great example is the blog of Lisa Congdon.


Lisa’s really good about posting a new painting, or a lettered quote, or an update of her sewing adventures — pretty much every day.

That’s probably why she has fortygazillion followers.

Well, I want all four of MY followers to know that the “something new” I’m going to try is to be just like Lisa Congdon, and post a little something every day.


“Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” — Copykat

My plan is to post one photo of whatever I’m working on with a few words, every day. Some days I may have a lot more than that. Some days I may just have a photo. But I will have a little something every day.

Blog unclogged.