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Breathing Room

By December 18, 2013April 22nd, 2014No Comments

I have been waiting for today for some time now. In fact this is the first day since this time last year that I am beholden to no one and no thing. There are no looming deadlines, no exhibition openings, no meetings, and no social events to hostess. My only concerns are my family and myself, and I am already finding it easier to think. It’s so much quieter in my head.


The final event on this year’s very busy schedule was the TVAA Kringle Mingle last night. I promised you results of the art exchange and as you can see, I was tickled!


I received Kathleen Probst’s beautiful abstract textile piece titled Peepholes #7:


You can see more of Kathleen’s work at her website and I highly recommend you do so.

The other cool thing is that Barbara Bowling received my bamboo utensils…


Barbara is another one of those 1 degree of separation stories. My daughter, Lina Chambers, and her daughter, Sarah Gardner are both actresses who knew each other and acted together long before Barbara and I ever met.

We had one of those “Wait a minute, your daughter’s an actress? My daughter’s an actress! I know your daughter! She’s your daughter?!” sort of conversations a few weeks ago from which we are still recovering.

Barbara is also a very fine artist and jeweler. Her website is

By the way, both Kathleen Probst and Barbara Bowling have terrific work in the current TVAA Foray III exhibition, to say nothing of the other 65 artists, so check out the show if you find a little time in your schedule.

Ok. That’s enough work for one day. Now I’m going to go relax and enjoy this terrific weather we’ve been having. Maybe work on my tan a little. I’ve really been looking forward to this break!