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Zoo Boise Gorongosa merchandise

By Gorongosa, Public Art

The Summer of 2019 I installed the permanent outdoor Public Art piece for Zoo Boise’s new site expansion, the Gorongosa Exhibit. The artwork was completed that Spring and I had several conversations with Friends of Zoo Boise, the Zoo Boise Gift Shop as well as the company that purchases the concessions for the Gift Shop, in the hope of setting up a Licensing Agreement that would allow us to produce merchandise using my copyrighted images.  To no avail.

I decided in the end to set up an account with Redbubble.  They offer a panoply of products using my images — all of which you can view (and buy) at my page on the Redbubble website.

They will create everything from T-shirts and Hoodies, to Coffee Mugs, Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, small pieces of furniture, Tote Bags, you name it, they make it.  Phone cases, Face Masks, Fanny Packs, Pillows, Floor Cushions.  Go see for yourself!

These photos are just screenshots from the website so, my apologies for the quality.  I have zero apologies however for the Actual Quality of the real things.  Having become my own best customer by solving 2020’s Christmas shopping purchasing a variety of these products, I can vouch for how well made they all are.

In fact here’s a sneak peak into our bathroom’s Leopard Shower Curtain.  Meowow!