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“Boobs” for We Art Women 2020

En El Año del Cerdo 2019

The Violet Protest 2020

©2017 Melissa "Sasi" Chambers - "Great Circle of Life" Black Elk tarpage 1/2017

“Great Circle of Life” – Black Elk Tarpage

©2016 Melissa 'Sasi' Chambers - tarpage

Tarpestries at World Village Festival 2016

6 X Six

Postcard for "Tarpestries" -- Sasi's Solo Exhibition at Boise State University

“Tarpestries” — Sasi’s Solo Exhibition at Boise State University

“This American Life” TVAA Exhibition

“Spring Awakening (The Unconscious Arsonist)”

TVAA “Menagerie” Exhibition – “Sss(mmm)sss…”

“Pom Pow” an Exhibition

TVAA Exhibition “Foray IV – Pushing the Envelope”

©2019 Melissa "Sasi" Chambers - View from Logan

“Water Works” TVAA Juried Exhibition: “The View from Logan”

TVAA “Monsters” Exhibition

“Abdication of the Sylvan Beauty Queen on the Occasion of Her Epiphany” — TVAA Exhibition on Collaboration”Four Eyes – An Optical Collusion”

“Confluence” — TVAA Exhibition on Collaboration “Four Eyes – An Optical Collusion”

“City of Trees” — TVAA Metamorphosis Exhibition

“Granny Squares” Second Life as “Domestic Unrest”

TVAA’s Third Annual Foray Exhibition — “Up, Up and Away (Hither and Yon)”

Leftovers — Pieces of Summer

Souvenir – TVAA Exhibition 2013 “Family Vacation”

Le Boi-Cycle

Local Color – Boise 150 TVAA Exhibition & Catalog “Le Boi-cycle”

What the World Needs Now – TVAA Exhibition 2013 “Be Steel My Heart”

Inside View – TVAA Exhibition 2012 “My Favorite View”

Foray II – TVAA Exhibition 2012 “I Prefer to Be Where There is No Jostling”

Dia de Los Muertos – Heartfelt Altars & Offerings 2012 “Ofrenda para mi Juventude Perdido”

Text Messages – TVAA Exhibition 2012 “Outside the Box”

Text Messages – TVAA Exhibition 2012 “Medicine Cabinet”

Text Messages – TVAA Exhibition 2012 “Text Book”

Double Take – TVAA Exhibition 2011 “Pieced and Bound Stories”

Double Take – TVAA Exhibition 2011 “New Orleans Ladies”

TVAA Exhibition: Complements – Inspiration in Blue & Orange 2011 “Lina and Logan”

TVAA Exhibition: Foray 2011 “Democrats in Idaho”

Mirror, Mirror


Her Dream is of the Forest