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“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” & Sewing Studio tour

By October 23, 2013April 22nd, 2014No Comments

I’ve been growing my hair out for weeks. Months actually. I do keep adjusting my desired end goal which, if you ask my hairdresser, means that my cut keeps getting adjusted as well, and I keep getting sent back to the drawing board. This is beyond frustrating. I am actually losing sleep over it, which will come as no surprise to some. You know who you are.

Yesterday I went in for my haircut after 8 weeks of growth which I had begun to think of as my “haystack” phase. I was very excited to be getting this cut which would, I was sure, finally provide the shape I’d been growing “into” all these weeks.

Are you surprised to read that this did not happen?
No, I didn’t think so. But I was! I actually believe this sort of thing (like getting my hair right, or creating an interesting blog/website) is all going to work out, and when it doesn’t…. I get pissed. And when I get pissed I become “Action Girl”.

So this morning when I was writing my daily pages at 5:15 am (because I couldn’t get back to sleep) I began thinking about how I am beginning AGAIN to grow into the look I want for my physical being on the same day as I am beginning to grow into the virtual presence I want to bring with this blog/website. And starting with a look at where I am now makes sense to me.


I thought I would start with a tour of my studio spaces, beginning with my sewing studio, especially as they will be in a state of transition over the next weeks and months as well. This room as you see it here will be moved into the room which is directly below it, and in addition to being my sewing and jewelry making studio it will also become my year round wardrobe and sartorial staging arena. (Big Ass closet.)


Meanwhile this is where I sew my Tourist Tapestry pillows, pile my Pom-pow blankets, box my buttons, and sequins, and odd bits that end up included in shadow boxes, or dangling from earrings or sewn onto juju dolls.


This is where I’m inspired to record it and share it with you. It’s a full-circle kind of deal.

Here’s hoping this full-circle deal doesn’t apply to the whole haircut thang, because if I end up back at the drawing board again in two months, or four months, I’m going to look less like a woman with a new short haircut, and more like one of these birds with the scissors stuck through her head. “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Now you know I’m old. Sorrynotsorry.