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This summer I was commissioned by the Department of Arts & History, and the Central Bench Neighborhood Association to produce art for the HAWK Pedestrian control box on the corner of Curtis and Edson.

I created a Tarpestry inspired by the patterns I saw at the International Market on the corner of Curtis and Franklin combined with the familiar icons of the Walking Man and the Stopping Hand.


Bob Pleasure at Riverworks on Fairview adapted my 4′ x 10′ Tarpestry to fit the template which will be used to produce the final vinyl wrap. (Thank goodness for Bob! On a good day my math skills would be strained by determining whether or not I got the bigger half of the sandwich.)

Here are some photos of the original Tarpestry in process…



Due to a dispute regarding fabrication of the vinyl wraps for the traffic boxes none of the art in this round have yet to be installed. I will update this post as soon as they are in place!

Update June, 2016…

The traffic box is installed! The wrapping was done by Trademark, and was completed while we were in New Orleans. It looks great!

"Walk, Don't Walk" by Melissa "Sasi" Chambers

"Walk, Don't Walk" traffic box back view

Signage on "Walk, Don't Walk"

Melissa "Sasi" Chambers next to her traffic box "Walk, Don't Walk"

Remember to look both ways before you cross the street!