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New Orleans Sojourn

Over the Moon

And the good juju just keeps a coming!

Mike and Melissa @ "Night Flying"

Last night was the Opening at Antieau Gallery of Chris Roberts-Antieau’s latest exhibition: Night Flying.

Chris Roberts-Antieau's "Night Flying"
“Night Flying”

I’ve mentioned Chris’s gallery and her work several times in my blog, so you will remember that in addition to her gorgeous embroideries and appliqués being among my very most favorite artwork in New Orleans, Chris is also the mama of Noah Antieau whose gallery Red Truck is one of my very most favorite galleries in New Orleans. It’s a small world, y’all.

Melissa, Lula and Mike Chambers at Antieau Gallery

Here are some pieces from Chris’s new series:

"My Brother's Boat" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“My Brother’s Boat”

"Albino Fawn" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“Albino Fawn”

"The Seamstress" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“The Seamstress”

"Deer Head" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“Deer Head”

"Ad Lucem" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“Ad Lucem”

Though we’ve visited the Antieau Gallery many times, the Opening last night was the first time that Chris herself was there at the same time that we were. I was over the moon, and a little bit star-struck to be able to actually meet her and talk with her about her work, and my work — I gave her a copy of my Tarpestry book which she seemed to like very much.

Chris Roberts-Antieau, Melissa "Sasi" Chambers and Lula

Of course it never hurts to have Lula “Ice Breaker” Chambers with me on these adventures!

"When My Dog Was Here" by Chris Roberts-Antieau
“When My Dog Was Here”