We Ink it Up & Pull it Off…

For TVAA’s exhibition on Collaboration, called “Four Eyes – An Optical Collusion,” I worked with 3 other artists to produce a limited Varied Edition of 8 prints of our woodcut titled “Confluence.”

Five separate wood blocks are connected by the white line of the Boise River running the length of the image.

The top two woodcuts of feathers are my work, the trees below are by Shirley McCarter (my mom), the blue nest of eggs on the rivers edge are by Marilyn Frazier, and the bottom woodcut of yellow cottonwood seeds against the red background is by Theresa Burkes.

We each cut our own individual blocks:


Then we each inked our blocks with different colors of ink and lined them up perfectly on the press:


Finally we pulled each print individually, creating a “Varied Edition” of 8 final prints: