I’ve found a really good antidote to cabin fever is to paint something in my “cabin”.  Something that I can enjoy as long as I live there.

I decided painting Talavera tiles on the backsplash in my kitchen was the perfect way to spend a couple of weeks in January 2021.

The first 9 were painted on the backsplash in a corner mostly hidden by our toaster oven.  As you can see I paid attention to the colors and general patterns of the tiles and didn’t worry about making them perfect copies of the real thing.

It turned out to be impossible to have things be level.  So I just went with it.

It was great to finally finish this project.  I had a permanent crick in my neck as a result, to say nothing of a quantum leap of respect for Michelangelo.  Painting that ceiling had to have hurt!

By the way the painted counters were painted by me when we moved in in 2017.  The End.