I participated in The Violet Protest, a public effort to send 50 hand-made textile squares to each and every member of Congress in support of the core American values:

Respect for the other    Citizenship    Compromise    Country over Party    Courage    Candor    Compassion   Creativity

The color Violet symbolizes the literal combination of of Red and Blue, long held as symbols of our nation’s differing ideologies.

The Violet Project is a Public Engagement reaching across all 50 states – organized by artist Ann Morton and funded by Public donations and the Phoenix Art Museum.

I created two 8” X 8” Tarpages which are included in The Violet Protest Exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

I started with the materials of blue tarp and red duck tape and created the two backgrounds…

After the backgrounds were ready I “beadquinned” using red and blue sequins and beads to create the finished pieces.


And “House of Cards”….

The beadquinned tarpage “House of Cards” was included on the Violet Protest website.