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Stitch in time and other Stuff

By October 24, 2013April 22nd, 2014No Comments

I love STUFF. I love second hand stuff. I especially love second hand stuff that no one else has seen as having any potential and then transforming it into stuff that everybody HAS TO HAVE! Squeal when you read that.

Pretty much everything I make in my Sewing Studio would fit that description. The patchwork quilts I Kantha stitch:


The Pom-pow blankets (did you catch that? pom-POW? Because they knock you out, they’re so dang cute):


The tacky tourist tapestries I turn into painted, sequined pillows Anthropologie should be knocking down my door to license:


When I think about it, the idea of change, or transformation, is pretty central to what I do. With my art, to my home, with my life in general (though I’m having some issues when it comes to changing my hair). The goal is to change it up. Make it better. Not just different. And that kind of change is “bean by bean” change. It’s gradual, which is not to say you can’t make substantive change in a short amount of time, but “owning” real change is committing to the learning curve. Which is hard for “Action Girl”. I heard that.

So, I’m going to strap on my Zen guns and give the gradual change learning curve a shot. Pom-pow baby. Pom-POW!