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Painted Talavera Tiles in my Kitchen

Life’s Kitchen Painted Plates

Mexican Wine Casket

Pendleton Inspired Wooden Box

Wooden Easter Eggs

Sewing Birds

Aboriginal Animal Puzzle

Circus Animal Puzzle

Painted Party Tray

Painted Spoons & Forks

Painted Ceramic Cups & Saucers

My Painted Cruiser

Shakin’ Not Stirred – Long Road, CD album cover and liner notes artwork

Shakin’ Not Stirred, CD album cover and liner notes artwork

Shakin’ Not Stirred – In the Wood, CD album cover and liner notes artwork

Gee’s Bend Jewelry Box

Gee’s Bend Painted Cupboard

Russian Inspired Cupboard

African Painted Cupboard

Sagrada Corazon Cupboard

SW Native American Cupboard

Painted Inuit Cupboard

Decoupage Glass

Etched Glass

Sewing Studio Door

Tourist Tapestry Pillows: Mountain Views

Tourist Tapestry Pillow: Leopard

Tourist Tapestry Pillows: Indian Peacock

Butler’s Pantry Painted Door

Painted Hallway Runner

Mexican Inspired Cupboard

Aboriginal Inspired Cupboard

Native American Motif Inspired Cupboard

Shaklee/Erickson Commissioned Painted Rugs

My Dining Room Painted Rug

My Living Room Painted Rug

My Studio Painted Rug

“Medicine Cabinet”

“Ofrenda para mi Juventude Perdido”

Ecclesiastical Stole

Painted Antlers