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At the same time that Will Spearman and I worked together on “The Buck Stops Here” we collaborated on “Tabula Astrum Omnibus.” The animals used in silhouette are the same in both designs, including the rarely seen, but dearly loved jackalope.

This is the computer image we designed which was then translated into vinyl:


When the panels were installed we discovered, too late, that the two shelter locations had been mixed up and so the geese on “The Buck Stops Here” are flying North, and the compass on “Tabula Astrum Omnibus” is actually pointing South.
helmet cam 7-25-2011 023

helmet cam 7-25-2011 022

helmet cam 7-25-2011 021

We discovered the mixup the day of the reveal. This is Will calling to see if there is anything we could do to fix it. Uh, no.

helmet cam 7-25-2011 024

No worries. We had dinner at Bar Guernica. The geese always manage to figure it out somehow, and everyone in Boise knows if you want to know which direction is North, you just look for the foothills.