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Art Friday

Art Friday with Lula

By Everything Else

A week ago yesterday when I adopted Lula — our third forever pup in our current pack — the first stop I made was at my mom’s for Art Friday. She was a hit of course. And invited back, any time. Of course.

So when Art Friday rolled around again — just between us, I think last week only had four days in it, I’ve never known seven to go by quite that fast before — we went, and she was just as popular as the first time. Of course.

Lula settled in immediately and paid close attention while mom kantha stitched a gorgeous pot holder — the Domestic Arts run deep in my family.


Then emboldened by her new knowledge of sewing , Lula easily pinned one of the rat girls in a wrestling match.


Typically Art Fridays are spent in Parallel Play, and this one was no exception. While mom stitched, Marilyn drew, I painted and Terry collaged, Lula spent a little time with each of us.

She surveyed the beginnings of one of Terry’s shredded and repieced collages which will transform old receipts into valentines — can’t buy me love?


Marilyn and Terry discussed an issue Marilyn was having with the angle of light hitting the line-up of kitchen utensils she was drawing.


Lula was consulted, but found the concept of “melon baller” complex enough. Dude!


And meanwhile I worked on a portrait of Lula. Of course. The first of many I imagine.

Little Lula. Big Inspiration.