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Fabric designs

Yep. I’m Hooked.

By Domestic Arts 2.0

Yep. I’m hooked. Spoonflower, I think I love you.

Here are three of the designs I made yesterday with my new obsession. I’ll show you the image I used first, and then the fabric design next.

This is the print I made for the Wingtip Press Leftovers show:


And this is the fabric design using the image without altering the color. I’m calling this design “Shards.”


This is a grouping of the doggies I designed for this year’s “See Spot Walk” fundraiser for the Idaho Humane Society:


And this is the fabric design with the colors altered. This one is called “Hot Dogs!”


Finally, this is the ink drawing I did for the design for the block I carved for my portion of the collaborative block print “Confluence.”


And this is the fabric design with 24 colors — I told you I was obsessed! I’m calling it “Fire & Ice Indian Feather.”


What do you think? Seriously.

Am I just having too much fun, or do you think these would actually make fabric which you would buy? Let me know. You can let me know by emailing me in the “Contact Me” link in my sidebar.