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IHS Lawn Party

The Grass is Greener

By Everything Else

The last time I wrote, Lula was doing the hula on her quilt in the garden and I was admiring the weeds and feeling lazy, when what should appear in my mailbox but an invitation to the Idaho Humane Society’s 24th Annual Lawn Party — with a collage I made on the cover:


I love a good segue.

It’s a really fun invitation created by Will Spearman with art donated by several of us local, animal loving, artists…



and is of course for the benefit of the Idaho Humane Society, the organization which brought us Lula, and Snug, and before them Redfish, Pomme, Dillon, and Scoresby. Our family, to say nothing of our hearts, would have been so much smaller without those furry girls and boys.

If your family, and your heart, are bigger because of the Idaho Humane Society you know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you don’t yet — run, really fast like you have four feet, to 4775 Dorman Street and change all that. It is the best feeling in the world.


You can also make a donation any time, which feels almost as good. The grass really does seem a little greener when it’s your happy pup or comfy cat enjoying it on a lazy afternoon.