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Livingroom Revamp

By My Artist Home

We’ve been spending all this time getting the art studio parts of our house working, and as they are coming together and we are actually able to do things like go to our studios and MAKE ART it has been very satisfying.

There’s another side of this house that’s got to work for us too however, and that’s the part where we snuggle in, put up our feet, and chill.

As long as we’ve lived in this house our living room has done triple duty as living room (duh), dining room, and overflow studio.

No more.



The dining room/work table is now downstairs in the other half of Mike’s painting studio and so only sofas and chairs and books and music and art were left to rearrange.

I imagine some work will still get done in here — I’m snuggled on the sofa right now writing this post — but what I really look forward to is having this be the room we come to to recharge. Read a book. Listen to NPR. Put Pandora on Alice’s Restaurant and take a nap.

This house was built in 1938. If I’d written my blog post back then I guess I would have shown you these pictures:



Definitely in need of some of that chill time. Action Girl is getting punchy. You know it’s bad when she can’t resist a photo editing joke.

What a turkey.