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Pinterest: Second Helpings Board

By Everything Else

I’m pretty much a late bloomer when it comes to this virtual world I now find myself spending so much time trying to navigate. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world of email, let alone social media of any kind, so I am probably more surprised than anyone that I actually am enjoying having a blog and website, to say nothing of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


Pinterest is my favorite social media application simply because it has huge appeal for the avaricious visual junkie. (Not that I know anyone fitting that description.) But as I write the word “simply” in conjunction with the concept of Pinterest, even in jest, I am aware how naive that sounds.


Sure, I want the groovy visual scrapbook I can collect on my boards, but more than that I want to figure out how to plug into the network of connectivity between individuals generating ideas, creating art, and truly collaborating — and I’m working on it. I know this much, in order to connect you not only need to follow pinners and collect pins, you also need to be followed, by lots and lots and lots of followers.


I’ve only just started with Pinterest and other than my family I think most of my 16 (woot woot) followers follow me thanks to my tattoo board — well, ink is for life so we tend to be people who know how to commit which means at least they’ll stick with me — but what I’d really like is to have followers who stay because of the art. I need to attract followers.


So…duh, I just added a Second Helpings board, and my plan is to add more boards for my Exhibitions, my Portraits, my Public Art, while continuing with the other boards I already have which are more about inspiration and insight into my taste and sense of humor. Oh, and I’m also going to add a Lula board. Should have mentioned that first, right?

If you’re on Pinterest please follow me (and I will happily return the favor) and send my pins of my art to your friends, and if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, check it out. No need for kicking and screaming.