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TVAA Exhibitions


By Tarpage

One of the best parts in the evolution of my tarpestries has been the freedom to create really BIG pieces. The largest tarp I can find on-line is 120ft. X 120ft. — the mind boggles!

So, when a call for really, really small pieces — 6in. X 6in. — came up I didn’t even consider it.

One of the things I’m discovering about myself, in my evolution as a human being, is that I often start out with an adamant “NO” when faced with a new opportunity. It seems like the more impossible something feels at the outset, and the more sure I am that it is not for me, the more likely it is that I will end up doing it — and being happy that I did.

Yeah. You guessed it…

“Acetunas – A Tapas-try”

“Pinxto – A Tapas-try”

“Gambas – A Tapas-try”

I have to give credit to my brilliant husband for the “Tapas-try” theme and title. I love a good pun almost as much as I love him!

You can see my three tiny tarpestries in the “6 X Six” exhibiton at the Art Source gallery in downtown Boise. The Opening Reception is 6:00 – 9:00pm on March 3rd and the show runs through April 9th.