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Van Morrison

Jazz Fest, Just the Way WE Like It

By New Orleans Sojourn

I know we are probably a huge disappointment to our rabid musicaholic friends in NOLA — yes, I’m talking about you: Joy and Ed — because we are content with just the tiniest taste of Jazz Fest.

As in one day only, for just a few hours, dropping by only two or three tents, eating and drinking one or two offerings among the hundreds to choose from, and then heading home long before all of Mid City becomes one big grid-lock. Sorrynotsorry.

Watch this and tell me you think we missed out:

It is literally impossible to see it all, and because I am less and less encumbered by any FOMO (that’s “fear of missing out” for all my old school friends) and more and more content with enjoying what I’ve got, doing it our way works for us.

We arrived late afternoon on Saturday, April 23rd and went straight to the Art Tents to visit Rebecca Rebouche. She’s a busy girl, just back from Napa Valley where she was painting a family tree. (Something I would love to have her do for us one day.)

Rebecca Rebouche and Melissa "Sasi" Chambers at Jazz Fest 2016

It’s Happy Hour all day long at Jazz Fest, so with our cold white wines in hand we wandered over to the food booths and enjoyed an oyster poboy…

Oyster poboy at Jazz Fest 2016

then lingered a while at the Gospel Tent, where Glen David Andrews and the Treme Choir were raising the roof.

Glen David Andrews and the Treme Choir at Jazz Fest 2016

Our Spirits (and spirits) refreshed, we then headed over to the Gentilly Tent, stopping only to buy a present for Logan (sorry buddy, Mom and Dad went to New Orleans and all they’re bringing you back is this t-shirt),

Jazz Fest 2016 T-shirt

and to watch this band which was playing for the Second Line in the video above….

Band at Jazz Fest 2016

Van Morrison was the headliner we were interested in seeing, so we snuggled in to wait for him — along with one-bazillion other fans, under a cloud of ganja smoke and the stylings of a “Peace, Love, and Prince” adoring sky writer.

"Prince" sky writing at Jazz Fest 2016

Crowd waiting for Van Morisson Jazz Fest 2016

After “Van the Man” we stopped by for a listen to the Pocket Aces Brass Band at the Jazz & Heritage Stage,

Mike and Melissa at Jazz Fest 2016

and then (pretty proud of ourselves, as you can tell from that picture), we headed out early — along with a few other people doing it their way.

Jazz Fest 2016

Apparently ther are over one-bazillion great minds thinking alike in New Orleans. And that’s just the way WE like it.