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What Would Lula Do?

By January 9, 2014April 22nd, 2014No Comments

“If at first you don’t succeed give up immediately. Move on to some other task until that becomes unbearable, then move on again circling back around to the first problem. By now, your subconscious will have worked on it. Sort of like sleep. Only cheaper.” — Jon Sachs 9-24-11

I took Jon’s advice to heart yesterday and had a great time. I gave absolutely zero thought to the project which I’ve been torturing myself with and instead I met with the folks at the Idaho Humane Society to discuss See Spot Walk which is the next “big important” project I’ll be taking on this month. I did not work on it until it became unbearable however.

Instead I got to meet Lula…


Lula and I like winter coats lined with fleece, and not having to walk on cold, snowy, icy, slushy days. We have a lot in common!

Now it’s time to either work on the new project until it wears me out or “circle back around” to the first project. I’m not sure about this procrastination solution — it seems like a lot of work when I could just take a nap….