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By December 31, 2013April 22nd, 2014No Comments

Was that really a whole year that just flew by?

I could have sworn this was me just last month…


Must be the accumulation of poppers that’s confusing me.


It’s been a great year. A very BUSY, great year.

Now it is the Eve of what is shaping up to be an even busier, even more productive, even better year, and I plan to enjoy it.

Even the busy parts.


I had envisioned a mellow start to the year including actually enjoying the inversion with pots of tea and stacks of Library! books and maybe even a twinge or two of boredom thrown in to needle my creativity.

Not going to happen.


NOT complaining!

I have two big projects (for public consumption in Boise) which will each begin in January. One winds up March 20-23, the other October 4…and those are all the clues you get for now my little inquiring minds!


So as we head into 2014, instead of a month off, I plan to take a mini break. Just a week or so to make sure my space suit is airtight and my canteen is topped off with Tang as we head off on our next orbit of the sun.

Until then…


Happy New Year!