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You Can’t Miss These Elephants in the Room!

By January 10, 2016No Comments

The, shall we call it, Closing Reception for my TARPESTRY exhibition is day after tomorrow, and I am hoping to see many of you there. But for those of you who aren’t even in Boise I thought I’d share a little more about one of my more unusual tarpestries, “The Elephants in the Room.”


This tarpestry is my first foray into the use of a material which lights up. It’s so cool!

My friend Chris is an electrician, and over the past six years he’s done a ton of electrical work for us around our house(s). When he saw the work I was doing with my tarpestries he thought I might be interested in incorporating this material which his company, Lumos Lighting and Design, is using in a variety of ways such as safety clothing and Western tack for horses, into one of my tarps.

Would I?!!!



I think you’ll agree it works great as “Eastern tack for elephants too.”

What makes this tarpestry even cooler though, is that it’s set so the material “blooms” on and off which tends to stop people in their tracks. It’s impossible to ignore these elephants in the room.